Abstract: Outputs from a Loss System with Two Stations and a Smart (Cyclic) Server

We study the interoutput and interdeparture distributions from a loss system with one serv er attending two stations. In this system, after a completion of service, the server will atte nd the customer waiting for service in the other station (if any) or the first customer that a rrives in either station. We assume independence among arrivals and service. The arrival at ea ch station is a Poisson process and the service distribution is exponential. We model this sys tem using Markov renewal processes embedded at output and departure times. Using these structu res and filtering techniques, we determine the interoutput distribution from one of the statio ns. The total departure process, consisting of the outputs and overflow streams is also consid ered. Conditions for this to be a Poisson process are found. Numerical and simulation results are also presented.