Abstract: INTENT Un Algoritmo Interior para Programación Entera

Some ideas are presented that suggest a heuristic to solve integer linear programming problems {\bf ILP}. Interior points are successively explored inside a convex of a {\bf LP({\it e})} problem. The latter linear programming problem has a convex, that contains the original integer solutions, at a fixed distance $e$ $>$ $0$ from the convex defined by the problem restrictions, and is obtained relaxing the integer condition on variables. Within the convex cone with origin in the {\bf LP({\it e})} optimal finite real solution, an interior polyhedron is constructed at certain distance from vertex, with extreme points in the convex cone edges. Inside that polyhedron are sampled points, and also inside a cube with origin in those points. Points, that rounded give integer vectors. The {\bf % ILP} feasibility is checked. The interior polyhedrons are recalculated, inside the convex cone, increasing its distance from the real optimum. If a feasible integer solution is founded, then the searching path is retraced looking for a better point. Using {\bf INTENT} the solution for some test problems are been obtained.