Inverstigación Operativa, Volume 7, Numbers 1-2, January-June 1997


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"Majorizing Functions Interior Point Methods for Solving Large Scale Regularized Maximum Likelihood Problems"
Alvaro R. de Pierro
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"Solution of Contact Problems Using Subroutine Box-Quacan"
Z. Dostál, A. Friedlander and S. A. Santos
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"Comparing the Numerical Performance of Two Trust-region Algorithms for Large-scale Bound-constrained Minimization"
Maria A. Diniz-Ehrhardt, Márcia A. Gomes-ruggiero and Sandra A. Santos
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"Exact Penalty Methods with Constrained Subproblems"
Sílvia M. H. Janesch and Lúcio Tunes Santos
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"An Adaptive Algorithm for Bound Constrained Quadratic Minimization"
Roberto H. Bielschowsky, Ana Friedlander, Francisco A. Gomes, José M. Martinez and Marcos Raydan
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"New Algorithms for Solving Large Sparse systems of Linear Equations and their Application to Nonlinear Optimization"
H. D. Scolnik
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"A Robust Choice of the Lagrange Multiplier in the SQP Newton Method"
Debora Cores and Richard A. Tapia
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"A Truncated Newton Method for Solving Parameter Identification Problems"
Suzana Gómez and José Luis Morales
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