Inverstigación Operativa, Volume 6, Numbers 1-3, January-December 1998


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"Deux Méthodes de Recherche Locale pour Réesoudre un Probléeme d'Horaire du Personnel Infirmier dans un Établissement Hospitalier"
Belaíd Ahiod, Ilham Berrada and Ismaíl Kassou
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"Second Order Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Efficiency in Multiobjective Programming Problems"
B. Aghezzaf and M. Hachimid
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"Constraint Hierarchies in Constraint Logic Programming Languages"
Mouhssine Bouzoubaa
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"Proper Efficiency in Nonconvex Vector-Maximization-Problems with Polyhedral Domination Structure"
Khalid Belkeziz
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"On Modelling Preventive Replacements of Randomly Deteriorating Systems"
Robert Cléroux
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"Policy Improvement Algorithm for Singularly Perturbed Discounted Markov Decision Processes"
Mohammed Abbad and Abdesselam El bahja
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"A Generalization of Geodetic Graphs: K-Geodetic Graphs"
R. M. Ramos, J. Sicilia and M. T. Ramos
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"The Study of Steiner Points Associated with the Vertices of Regular Tetrahedra Joined Together at Common Faces"
R. Mondaini, D. Freire Mondaini, and N. Maculan
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"Outputs from a Loss System with Two Stations and a Smart (Cyclic) Server"
Marcos N. Magalhães, Donald C. McNickle and Maria Creusa B. Salles
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"Constructing Optimal Schedules for certain Tournaments using Tabu Search"
Luis B. Morales and Felipe Maldonado
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"A Queue with Correlated Arrivals"
Ralph L. Disney, Donald C. McNickle, Sun Hur, Paulo Renato de Morais and Ryszard Szekli
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"On the Repairman Problem with Controlled Servers and Switch-over Costs"
Paulo Renato de Morais and Vakulathil Abdurahiman
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"Benders Decomposition for Network Design Problems with Underlying Tree Structure"
Abdelhamid Benchakroun, Jacques A. Ferland and Viviane Gascon
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